Has your home suffered from extensive water damage due to a burst pipe, leaky roof, or local flooding? If so, you need the expert restoration services of Zona Restoration. With our professional, full-service water damage restoration services, you’ll have your home back to its pre-damage condition in no time. Keep reading to learn more about our water mitigation solutions.

3 Ways Zona Restores Your Home Following Extensive Water Damage

1. Mold Repair and Restoration

With our state-of-the-art mold remediation techniques, our restoration team is able to completely remove all dangerous mold in your home due to all the excess water. Our mold removal process includes these five steps:

  • Isolate the affected area.
  • Remove all hazardous mold material.
  • Completely clean the entire area.
  • Thoroughly dry the area.
  • Conduct third-party testing to ensure all mold has been removed.

2. Ozone Treatment and Odor Removal

Your home may now be completely rid of hazardous mold, but there still could be some lingering odors. Using our professional ozone treatments, we can remove all odors caused by mold and mildew. These odor control treatments target microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and, of course, mold. Ozone works by:

  • Attaching to molecules of foul-smelling materials.
  • Breaking down the cells of those molecules.
  • Killing the odor-causing elements.

3. Build Back and Reconstruction Services

Once water damage cleanup is complete and all signs of mold and mildew are removed, it’s now time to get your home back to its like-new condition. With our build back and reconstruction services, the water damage restoration will finally be complete. We will breathe life back into your beautiful home with these reconstruction solutions:

  • Cabinet repair and replacement.
  • Tile installation.
  • Plumbing repairs.
  • Electrical improvements.
  • Roofing services.
  • And many more.

Expert Water Extraction Services

Request an estimate today of our mold remediation, odor control treatments, or reconstruction services by calling (480) 656-3999. We also provide duct cleaning, asbestos inspection and testing, lead testing and removal, and fire damage cleanup throughout the Phoenix area. Our team looks forward to helping you rebuild your home.