Are you finding mold in odd places throughout your Mesa home? Have you noticed insects in your ductwork? These signs, along with a few others, are an indication that you may need your home’s ductwork cleaned. Zona Restoration has been taking care of homes across the Mesa area since 2012. We’ve helped homeowners get rid of the following problems by professionally cleaning out their home’s duct system. 

4 Signs You Need Your Home's Duct System Cleaned Out

1. Mold Growth

Condensation does occur within home HVAC systems. This can lead to mold growth in the ductwork. While you can’t see the mold in the duct system, if indeed there is mold growing there, but you may spot it on the vent covers. You can also smell mold if it’s growing somewhere in your home as it tends to leave a musty, mildew-like odor. 

2. Home Renovation

If you’ve recently undergone a home renovation, there is probably dust everywhere in your house, especially in your duct system. Dust and debris can find their way into the even tiniest areas. If these particles are left in the ductwork, they will eventually end up in the air you are breathing within your home. 

3. Rodents or Insects

Rodents and insects can sneak into your duct system without you even knowing. They can leave animal waste, debris, and bacteria. This waste will eventually contaminate the air quality inside your home. Cleaning out the ducts will make your duct system unsuitable as a living space for vermin. Plus, it will clean out any matter leftover from a previous infestation.

4. Utility Bills

If your HVAC system is dirty and dusty, it cannot work at its maximum efficiency. Dirty ducts will not allow air to flow freely through the system. This can cause inconsistent airflow throughout your home, leaving some rooms warmer or cooler than others. All of this together will only make the HVAC system work that much harder. This, in turn, will result in higher utility costs. 

Honest Prices, Quality Service

If you think you may need to have your home’s ductwork cleaned, call the professionals at Zona today at (480) 656-3999. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate for this service.  We also provide other home services in the Mesa area, such as water damage repairs, tile installation, roofing repairs, lead testing and removal, and more.

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Image: Flickr