Reconstruction companies such as Zona Restoration, are general contractors that specialize in correcting building defects caused by fire damage, water intrusion, and other home disasters. This type of in-depth and technical construction requires specialized equipment and highly trained technicians. If you’ve experienced any of the events below, your home can benefit from our build back and reconstruction services.

4 Types of Home Damage that Can Benefit from Reconstruction Services

1. Water Damage

If your home is damaged from minor or major water intrusion, reconstruction services are the best solution for your home. We can rebuild any area of your house that has been affected by leaky pipes, burst water heaters, flood damage, or rain damage.

2. Fire & Smoke Destruction

When the kitchen has caught on fire or a defective appliance has caused an electrical outlet to burn, Zona can repair these areas of your home, making them look like new. We can also rid your home of any lingering smoke damage using our ozone treatments

3. Asbestos Corrosion

Asbestos is often found in older homes. This substance needs to be removed safely, following all required procedures. Once the asbestos is removed, you may need to have a wall or ceiling rebuilt, plumbing systems installed, or roofing work completed. Our professional team can handle any type of construction once the asbestos is securely removed from your Tempe home. 

4. Lead Infiltration

When lead is discovered in your home, it needs to be eradicated, as it can cause dangerous health problems for your family. Drywall or paint that contains lead needs to be removed immediately. With our professional reconstruction services, we can hang, sand, and paint drywall in no time at all. It will look as if there was never any lead problem in your home.

Complete Home Restoration Services

When your Tempe home is damaged or impaired from lead, fire, smoke, water, or asbestos, you can trust in the reconstruction services of Zona Restoration. Call (480) 656-3999 to request a free estimate today. We also provide mold inspections, duct cleaning, and general remodeling services.