Bathroom mold is not something that anyone should have to deal with. Unfortunately, the bathroom is one of the wettest rooms in the home and therefore the most common to have mold issues. Since our bathrooms are so susceptible to mold, it is helpful to learn how to appropriately tackle this pesky little problem before it becomes a major health issue or truly damages your home.

Bathroom Mold Removal, Can it Be Done Alone?

No one wants to deal with mold it is as simple as that. In most cases however homeowners or home residents are going to run into at least some sort of mold during their time in residence even if it is just a small smear on the underside of the toilet tank. There are some ways that you can get rid of mold for good however. The first is to gauge the infestation. If you have a few spots here and there, in most cases you can handle the issue on your own. If the mold is extensive or cannot be killed with bleach, you may have black mold which is very toxic and should be handled by a professional mitigation company.  

Check Your Infestation

Start by looking at just how much mold is in your bathroom. Is it in the shower, along the bottoms of cabinets, perhaps in the corners of windows, or on the underside of the toilet tank? The first step after you see how much mold you are dealing with is to clean what mold already has started to grow. This is a great jumping off point. After you clean up existing mold you may want to add more caulk around your tub or shower to help seal out moisture.  

Start to Handle the Situation

Also, cleaning the underside of your toilet tank every few days is a great way to reduce moisture and to prevent future mold from growing. You also need to take the time to find out why your bathroom is holding so much water. In some cases, burst pipes can add to mold issues and even residual air moisture can cause big issue. If you live in a very humid area and do not have central air and heating you may want to invest in some moisture catchers, these are small canisters that have beads inside them that help to capture the moisture in the air. This dries out the moisture and helps to prevent mold from growing back.  

More Permanent Solutions

If you have cleaned, have a moisture catcher, and are still getting mold, you may want to call in a professional company to install a moisture barrier to help combat the growth of new mold. Also simple things like drying out the shower after you use it can help to prevent the growth of new mold. You can also think about investing in a central air or HVAC unit that helps to regulate the moisture in the air and helps to prevent further mold growth.   Though mold is unsightly, it is not the end. With proper cleaning and proper preparation you can get rid of mold and can start to have a bathroom that is free of it. If you are still having trouble with mold you may want to consider a remodel where you pull out the tub, the toilet, cabinets, and more to find out where the mold is coming from so that it can be stopped at the source. If you ever feel you cannot handle it on your own, contact our team at Zona Restoration. We are the best way to get rid of mold quickly and efficiently.