Even though Phoenix area homes are not as prone to damage from weather-related storms and floods as homes in some parts of the country, high winds and monsoon rains, burst pipes and home fires can cause severe disruption as well as expensive water damage. It doesn’t take a flood of Biblical proportions to qualify as a personal disaster. Quick action is the best way to respond if you have a water emergency that results in any type of flood in your home. The business of extracting standing water is a task for professionals. So is preventing further damage — including mold growth — that can result quickly from any type of flood.

Emergency Response to Flood Damage

Knowing who to call following a disaster is as important as knowing what to do to protect your life. Depending on the nature of the disaster, whether monsoon rains pour into your home through a missing portion of roof or you awake to an inch of water on the floor due to a burst water line. While your first concern should be for the welfare of your family and pets, your first phone call should be to a full-service, professional company that specializes in water cleanup and restoration. It’s important to act quickly, even if it’s the middle of the night! Under the right conditions, mold can start growing behind the walls within a matter of hours, and standard remediation procedures can help prevent further serious damage to your home’s structure and belongings.

Clean Up and Restoration After a Flood

Emergency response teams that have the equipment and expertise to remove water, install fans to dry all surfaces and reduce humidity levels are the best defense against extensive loss. A professional firm that specializes in water and fire damage cleanup will have a list of specific priorities, and trained personnel to handle all requirements with calm efficiency. You can also trust those trained responders to detect and deal with the cause of the water leak or flood.

With an experienced team, this is what to expect:

  • The right equipment to quickly extract standing water from the home’s interior;
  • Installation of fans to circulate the air, remove moisture and begin the drying process
  • Air moisture monitors, and additional specialized equipment to detect mold and measure air quality;

A qualified full-service firm will also:

  • Dry or remove all wet surfaces, including carpets and sheetrock as necessary;
  • Preserve and protect furnishings and personal belongings as much as possible;
  • Promote the structural drying of all building materials, including mold treatment mitigation;
  • Assess the damage and prepare a written report;
  • Provide a detailed estimate for repair work;
  • Work with your insurance company;
  • Help to arrange temporary lodging or other assistance, including cooperation with local governments or services.

Rebuilding Your Life After Flood Damage

Insurance adjusters note that the way a water emergency is handled during the first 24 hours can affect the way a claim is handled and might even affect the amount of an insurance settlement. Insurance companies also note that water damage — no matter what the cause — constitutes the major percentage of property loss claims. Emergency mitigation is the single most important step a homeowner can take to assure fair and adequate compensation and to prevent extensive physical damage to property. If you need emergency assistance in the Phoenix area, Zona Restoration is ready to help. Contact us today!