Fire damage occurs more often during the winter months. Understandably, a lot of homeowners light their chimneys, cook out, and crank up the heat when the temperature drops. Timely mitigation is the best way to reduce fire damage costs, but emergency services are still available. Between identifying smoke odor, eliminating structural damage, and repairing a home after a fire, professional assistance isn’t only valuable — it’s vital.

What are the Main Fire Hazards?

Like we’ve mentioned, using a heater, a fireplace, or even a grill can put your home at risk. The winter months can be deadly, if they aren’t approached with care. Aside from the major hazards you’ll face, you might want to take note of the following factors.

New Electronics

It’s the Holiday Season! You’re probably going to gift and receive new electronics. New electronics can’t catch fire, right? Wrong. New, untested electronics are major fire hazards, and every year homeowners accidentally light up their living rooms with more than their Christmas tree.

The Christmas Tree

Speaking of the Christmas tree — it’s a big fire hazard, too. Before Christmas, a tree might look green, supple and ready for adoration. As time goes on, however, those pine branches die. They become kindling. Make sure your tree is properly watered, 6 feet from any wall or outlet, and keep a close eye on any fire sources nearby.

Holiday Lights

Similar to your Christmas tree, your home’s holiday lights might become hazardous. It’s a good idea to double-check any wires and bulbs before committing to a string. Additionally, check up on any old lights you haven’t used in a while. You’d be surprised how quickly Christmas lights can become a problem.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Even if it is the holiday season, your service providers are still around to help. Your fire damage restoration providers can arrive quickly, offering immediate relief to your property. The fire department needs to put out the fire, of course, but your recovery team can handle deeper restorations. Make sure you contact them quickly, however, because fire damage can become financially devastating if left alone.

First: Assessment

Your fire damage restoration team, first, will assess the situation. During assessment, the team determines how far the home’s smoke, fire, and soot have traveled. This integral stage will determine how badly your home’s walls, ceiling, flooring, and furniture have been damaged.

Second: Sealing

Next, your home will be sealed. Your home’s property is a priority, and your team will work, night and day, to make sure the damage doesn’t spread. For this reason, the area will need to be sealed off. Fire damage restoration services can then be taken to eliminate any further damages.

Third: The Cleaning and Restoration Process

Standing water pools will be removed with submersible pumps. Then, the targeting, removal, and disposal of damaged items begins. Any remaining structures or furniture can then either be repaired or replaced. Restoration will further cover your home’s walls—which can be repainted and re-papered. The fire damage restoration process takes time, revolving around carpet cleaning, water damage restoration and in-depth damage repair. To mitigate damages, however, you’ll need to contact a professional restoration company, like Zona Restoration, quickly. Independently owned and operated, your provider has the freedom to arrive immediately. Don’t wait. Recover your home quickly, and reclaim your household’s lifestyle.