Finding lead in your Phoenix home may not be as uncommon as you think, especially if it was built in the 1970s or earlier. Lead-based paint was very popular for painting homes before it was banned in 1978. Left undisturbed, lead paint will not cause any harm to you or your family. If you do find lead paint that is chipped, cracked, or peeling off, that is definitely a cause for concern. At Zona Restoration, we recommend following these first three steps to safely mitigate any potential hazards caused by lead in your Chandler home. Our next blog post will cover the other three steps.

Follow These 6 Steps to Safely Mitigate Lead Found in Your Home (Part 1)

1. Do Not Disturb

The first thing you need to do if you find lead-based paint in your home is to leave it alone. Try your best not to disturb it. If needed, place a sign on the wall or structure that contains the lead-based paint as a precaution for anyone living in or visiting your home. 

2. Clean Up

If there are any paint chips or flakes near the structure with the lead-based paint, clean them up thoroughly. You can use your hands, with gloves, to pick them up and throw them away directly in the garbage. The smaller the pieces the easier they are to inhale so it’s very important to get as much of the paint dust or flakes cleaned up as possible.

3. Keep Children Out

Lead poses a serious risk to all who inhale it, but especially to children. Studies have shown that lead can cause learning disabilities, brain and nervous system impairment, and hearing loss in children. Be sure to notify and warn any children living in or visiting your home, along with their parents, not to enter the room that contains lead-based paint. If you can, consider shutting and locking the door so it’s not even possible for anyone to enter.

Keep You & Your Family Safe

Zona Restoration has years of experience safely testing and removing lead from homes across Phoenix and the nearby areas. Call us today at (480) 656-3999 to request a free estimate of our lead services. We provide other restoration services such as fire and smoke damage cleanup, water extraction, asbestos abatement, mold remediation, duct cleaning, and more.

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