When it comes to water damage, we’ve seen it all.

Water damage can happen over time or overnight, and can strike anytime. The start of water damage can be as obvious as a broken pipe leaking throughout the floor. Hidden water damage is more common and can be harder to see, usually going unnoticed for a long period of time. The effects of hidden water damage can be catastrophic to your home and health. Below are some tips on how to spot hidden water damage in your home.

1. Wall or Ceiling Stains or Discoloration

Perhaps the easiest way to spot hidden water damage is by inspecting your walls and ceiling. Discoloration, stains, or faint outlines are obvious signs of water damage. Bubbling and droopy paint can also be a sign that there might be water soaking in your drywall.

2. Warping in the Wood Floor or Baseboards

When wood flooring or baseboards soak up water they tend to warp due to the shrinkage of spirally arranged wood fibers. If you notice a change in your floors or baseboards there may be water hiding beneath.

3. Weird or Musky Smells

Mold thrives in dry and humid environments, and in the right conditions mold can grow rapidly. Mold will almost always be accompanied with a distinctive musky smell. If you can pinpoint the smell to an area of the house you can investigate the walls, ceiling or floors for other signs to locate the damage.

4. Unusually High Utility Bills

In some cases an unusually high water bill can indicate a damaged pipe that could possibly be causing water damage that is not yet visible.

What To Do After You Find Water Damage

While there are some effective DIY water damage clean up options, we recommend that you hire a professional water damage repair expert. Zona Restoration will have the right tools, techniques, and solutions to eliminate water damage and help prevent mold from setting in.