Cleaning up after a fire can be devastating when the reality of what you lost in the fire sets in. Surviving fire damage should feel comforting, but when the smoke and the smell that follow set in, getting rid of them from clothes, fabrics, and furniture can seem like a hopeless task.

While the fire damage restoration company handles all the undertaking and you want to eliminate the smoky smell yourself, there are some things you can do for the odor-eliminating task.

There are several things to keep in mind while removing the smoke damage and the smell from fabrics. The following steps will guide you to eliminate the smell left by the smoke fast and safely from clothes, furniture, and all the other household items.

Smoke damage restoration process

The longer the smell of smoke is left on the garments, the more difficult it becomes to get rid of it. Smoke smell restoration attempts should begin instantly to avoid related costs from increasing rapidly.

Smoke smell removal from house

Before the process of cleaning starts, go ahead and remove as many items which are holding smoke smell as possible. This includes items such as carpets, building materials, wallpapers, and insulation. The fewer items holding up the smoke smell, the more trouble-free it is to get rid of the smell.

Air circulation

Open up the windows, if the weather allows it. To circulate the air, use fans. The ventilation helps the house to breathe better which causes a decrease in the smell while also drying out moisture damage caused by the process of fire extinguishing.

Positive pressure ventilation

Open your front doors, take out your most powerful fan and face it inwards. Turn on the fan to blow as much fresh air inside your house as possible. But remember to close all the doors and windows, leaving just one open for exhaust or as an outlet. For it to be most effective, work from room to room.

Remove soot

Soot is the black particulate that is left behind after a fire. Soot can contain harmful chemicals that can damage the fabric further. As soot contains smell, the process of smell removal has to begin with the use of an industrial vacuum to abolish the oily residue.