Black mold is a type of mold that thrives in damp conditions such as the bathroom. It starts off with spots and grows to large patches. Black mold is classically seen as a disease-causing horror in any household. The truth is that it’s no more toxic or harmful than any other type of mold, including white, green, or blue mold.

Black mold, however, is the most despicable of the lot.

Improperly cleaned, damp, and musty corners in a home are a cause of diseases and mold. It’s not like black mold can appear in perfectly clean and dry conditions and then cause health issues.

Some species of mold, including those of black mold, can cause specific types of toxins that can indeed affect the health of the people and pets in a household if interacted with. That’s why killing black mold in your shower is important for your health.

Depending on what organic matter a fungus consumes (including mold and of course, black mold) and the prevailing conditions such as temperature and humidity, it can produce a number of mycotoxins. Why they do this is still unknown. Mycotoxins are a health hazard caused by fungi in general and not just black mold.

Mold spores are also known to cause allergies in some people and cause infection in immunologically weak bodies.

Let’s see how you can remove black mold in your shower. Make sure you have protective measures in place, including gloves and clothing to cover your entire legs, face, and hands. A respirator or a face mask is also recommended.

  1. Start with removing sources of moisture. Fix seepages and leakages. This includes checking all the plumbing. Use a dehumidifier to clear out the moisture and give the space a day to completely dry out.
  2. Make sure the bathroom is completely sealed off. This includes placing clothes or other barriers below door gaps. Putting plastic around all openings and duct taping them is a better solution to isolate the area. You want to ensure that no mold spores escape out of the room.
  3. Spray the affected area with water so that the spores become wet and thus, they can’t go airborne.
  4. Use products like detergent, borax, vinegar, or bleach to kill the black mold. Some disinfectants or chemicals are formulated specifically for mold, you can also use them. Apply them on a brush and scrub the affected region in your bathroom.
  5. All used items should go into a garbage bag and then directly out of your home.

Check if moisture can come back. If the place becomes overly humid again, the mold can come back any time. If you need any black mold removal services don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Zona Restoration!