Zona restoration can help with your mold remediation or mold removal needs.

Our Mold Removal and Mold Remediation Services include:

Free visual evaluation upon your request

  • Air Quality testing
  • Mold examination and lab testing
  • Mold Decontamination & Mold Spore Removal
  • Mold Damage Repair
  • Air & Surface testing to verify job done well

After determining that mold is present the next step is to establish a protocol to safely remove it. This should always be conducted by a certified mold remediation company. Black toxic mold removal requires careful handling, and safety precautions must always be taken. Every mold abatement situation is unique in it’s own way, our water and mold removal experts can walk you through the best way to handle your individual remediation needs.

Containment must always be used when dealing with a mold remediation to help prevent the cross contamination of non effected areas. This must be done before any work begins. Not only do we contain every area that we work on but we also place it under “negative pressure” which creates a one-way channel for air to move (this like the containment is a safety precaution to prevent the spreading of mold spores.)

If you’re concerned that your home or business may be at risk contact our mold specialists for a free estimate, It’s always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with your health.

Mold mitigation just like other mold cleanups is a specialized service that requires training and professional care. It should always be conducted by a licensed professional. Contractors are expected to preserve as much as possible and to ensure the complete and safe removal of dangerous and excessive mold spores. Our customer’s health and safety is our primary concern and our job is never done till we have returned your home to livable “mold free” conditions.

Mold contamination caused by mold growth or mold spores is one of the most serious environmental problems. Prolonged exposure to such an environment can lead to serious health problems. Mold growth can also cause damage to materials and adversely affect the operation or function of building systems.

Mold growth can occur due to several factors. Some of the most common sources of this contamination include mold spores, nutrient sources, water source, time, environmental conditions (temperature & relative humidity) and oxygen. Getting rid of mold contamination is not something that can be taken care of by an individual. It requires a team of expert technicians and specialized equipment.