Have you had a recent kitchen fire and been unable to remove the smoke odor from your home? Or did you recently have some mold removed, but there’s still a lingering mildew smell in the air? If so, you may want to know more about the ozone treatment and odor removal services from Zona Restoration. Ozone is a safe and cost-effective way to permanently remove all odors from your Phoenix area home. Keep reading to learn more about our ozone odor removal process.

Our 3-Step Ozone Treatment Process

1. Remove All Living Organisms

Ozone is a safe cleaning treatment for your home, but is not safe for any living organism, including plants and animals. The day Zona is scheduled to complete your ozone treatment, you will need to remove all animals and plant life from your home. Once the treatment is complete, you can safely return them to your Phoenix area house.

2. Ozone Generators Activated

With all living organisms out of your home, we can turn on the ozone generators and begin the cleaning process. Ozone generators work by attaching a third oxygen atom to an oxygen molecule, which naturally consists of two oxygen atoms. This creates ozone gas, which is then placed back into the air of your home. Ozone gas reacts with the odor-causing materials in your home, breaking down their molecules and destroying the foul-smelling elements. 

3. Return to Your Odor-Free Home

After the ozone generators have completed their cycle, your home is now odor-free. Your family, any family pets, and all plants or flowers, can now safely return to a fresh, clean-smelling living space. 

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