The foundation of your home is what keeps it standing. What happens when your foundation is badly damaged? Recovering after a disaster or other problem can be difficult, knowing a bit about the repair process may make it easier. Here is the basic process of foundation repair.

Why Your Foundation Might need Repair

There are a million different reasons your foundation might need to be repaired. Maybe your home has been through an earthquake, maybe it has been through a fire, maybe there is a sinkhole in your yard, maybe there has been a flood; there is no end to the possible situations that may have caused a need for repair. Since foundation repair is exceedingly common, learning about the process may be beneficial to you. In most cases, a major structural event is what causes the need for foundation repair. Perhaps you noticed that your home started sinking after an earthquake, even a small one can do a great deal of damage. Or a sinkhole opened up in the yard or down the street and your wall or ceiling started showing a crack. These are both instances in which there is a chance that the foundation of your home was damaged and may need repair. Likewise, high heat from a fire can also damage your foundation and can make for structural issues.

The Process of Foundation Repair

The first step is to do an assessment to see just what damage has been done. It is important that the foundation, the walls, the ceiling, and even the crawl space beneath the house be inspected to see if there are any structural issues. The team will then come up with a plan to help reinforce or repair the foundation issues. In some cases, this repair may require that the family move to another location temporarily, in others the repairs can be done with the family home. Your contractor will discuss potential repair options, will then work to help repair issues like cracks in the foundation, replacing joists and other supports that may have been damaged, and even potentially replacing drywall and ceiling materials. A good foundation repair will take some time and will need to be thorough to make sure that the home is not only stable but also that it is secure and that it is safe for the family to continue to live there. Zona Restoration can help to repair your foundation and other aspects of your home should something happen. They work quickly and efficiently to get you back into your home.