Dealing with a house fire is both devastating and traumatizing. After all, your entire sense of security has been turned upside down. But what do you do after first responders put out the initial flames and the firemen leave? How do you bring back a sense of comfort and normalcy to your life and belongings? How long does it take before you’re able to return living in your residence? Calling a cleanup company like Zona Restoration is usually the first step in returning your home to its former glory. To help you a little bit more, here are a few guidelines to help you understand what personal items can be salvaged after a fire.  

What Can Be Salvaged After a House Fire?

It is incredibly important to try to mitigate damage after the initial threat of the fire is gone. Leftover soot will settle into various surfaces of your home and the longer the soot remains in contact with your belongings, the harder it becomes to salvage these items. Why? Soot is extremely acidic and can cause permanent damage–including etching into surfaces–if left untreated for too long. Certain types of porous materials require specialized cleaning, which can be handled by your restoration company. Examples include:
  • Soft Floor Coverings: Rugs, Carpet
  • Linens: Blankets, Quilts, Comforters, Towels, Sheets, Pillows
  • Clothing
  • Soft Toys: Stuffed Animals, Cloth Books
  • Upholstered Furniture
  • Paper Products: Books, Photo Albums, Documents
Other non-porous items might also be good candidates for restoration. These are usually hard surfaces, like metals and woods. Examples of these items include:
  • Glass: Mirrors, Photo Glass, Tabletops
  • Household Items: Dishware, Kitchen Utensils, Metal Appliances, Lighting Items
  • Non-Laminate Furniture: Tables, Chairs, Other Wood Items
Unfortunately, most plastics don’t fare well through high fire temperatures, but may sometimes be cleaned if they are just affected by smoke. Normal household cleaners also aren’t a good alternative option to restoration, as they often won’t get deep enough to remove that excess soot. Fixtures, tile, and other built-in items like your ventilation system will likely need additional cleanup, too. Thankfully, your restoration representative will walk you through which items in your home meet the standards for restoration services.  

How Zona Restoration Can Help with Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

Working with a restoration company who empathizes with your situation is important, and at At Zona Restoration, we understand just how devastating and stressful a house fire can be. That’s why we remain committed to helping our customers return their home back to a safe and livable state. We service all areas of the Phoenix west valley. Contact our helpful and knowledgeable Zona Restoration team today for more information or to schedule an appointment.