Outside of phoenix home with possible water damage

Water damage can mean serious trouble for any structure. But it’s especially troubling when water damage affects your home where you and your family spend a great deal of time. Water damage can seriously degrade the resale value of your home, and cause health hazards. Fortunately, there are numerous time tested and advanced ways of removing excess water, mitigating harm, and repairing the damage.

Services to Repair and Restore Your Home from Water Damage

Here are some of the most frequently used services we employ to help you deal with water damage.

Water Extraction

Even under the cleanest conditions, water contamination can destroy dry wall, cause serious electrical hazards, attract insect and animal infestations, and cause mold. To stop these forms of damage from beginning and growing worse, the water must be removed. Our specialized processes enable our teams to detect the presence of water within structures. From that point, powerful submersible water pumps are used to remove excess water. After that, specialized drying materials are used to draw out and wick away any remaining moisture. Then repairs can begin.

Flooding / Water Repair & Restoration

The types of mitigation and repair services needed depend on the type of water that has contaminated the structures of your home. Clean water, water that comes from safe sources such as the tap or a well, can be removed using normal techniques. Gray water is mildly contaminated and is usually thought of as dishwater or similarly contaminated water. Structural elements contaminated with gray water require more robust cleanup and drying methods. Black water is sewage or other water that is contaminated with materials that can cause rapid and significant harm. Depending on the extent of the contamination, additional safety and containment procedures may need to be followed.

Structural Drying

No water damage mitigation project is complete until the water source is stopped, and the water contamination is fully removed. We use three methods to remove water. They are:

  • Physical Water Extraction
  • Dehumidification & Air Circulation
    • Once excess standing water is removed dehumidification and air circulation can be used to help dry surfaces affected by water.
  • Specialized Drying Materials
    • Once surface moisture is removed, some water is still going to be found within wood, drywall, and other structures and materials. Specialized drying materials and substances can be used to further desiccate the hard to reach internal layers of important structural elements.

In the worst-case scenarios, repair and remodeling may be needed.

Mold Remediation & Removal

Mold in a home is a serious threat to the respiratory health of the inhabitants. Mold blooms must be removed by professional means using special safety equipment. We will begin by testing the air in your home. Further examination and lab testing can be used to pinpoint specific problem areas. Once dangerous mold is located, it can be removed permanently.

Mold Repair & Restoration

When dangerous black mold is found, emergency measures are required. The affected area should be contained and evacuated. Then, our mold remediation and repair experts will remove and repair the damage.

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