Sometimes, properties can be laden with asbestos. Asbestos is incredibly hazardous, and it can be permanently harmful to your health. Here at Zona Restoration, we take the presence of asbestos seriously. Our remediation and removal team is highly skilled, and trained in the removal and disposal of the dangerous compound.

Asbestos removal takes time, and its removal depends on the type of asbestos found. Every situation is different, but our remediation team is trained to follow all required procedures. When the removal process has finished, the area can be tested again, to determine that the asbestos abatement was successful. Zona Restoration believes in the safety and security of your family, and we’re dedicated to your health and protection.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a mineral fiber. In the past, asbestos was utilized in various products, strengthening them while providing fire resistance and heat insulation. Later, it was used as a building material. Unfortunately, it was found to cause health problems. Many buildings contain asbestos and the only way to know for sure what materials may contain it is to have them tested.

Where is Asbestos Found?

Asbestos is found in a number of building materials. Including, but not limited to, roofing, siding, insulation, mastic, drywall, texture, etc…

Because asbestos is so widespread, it isn’t rare to find it in one’s home. You could have asbestos products at your property, even if it was built recently. Don’t assume your home is asbestos-free. Have it inspected, and take charge if you find it.

When Do You Need Asbestos Remediation?

If your home’s asbestos-containing materials are deteriorating—or, if they’ve recently been damaged—you may need remediation. Damaged asbestos breaks apart, releasing dangerous fibers into the air. Major renovations, construction projects and demolitions, too, require immediate attention.

Every asbestos-related situation is different. Thus, the length of removal depends on a variety of factors. Our asbestos remediation team carefully analyzes the situation, determining the degree of asbestos presence. If harsh weather was the cause of a building’s damage or collapse, immediate efforts are taken to protect the area.

How is Asbestos Removed?

Asbestos remediation and removal in Phoenix is a long process, but it’s certainly worthwhile. Our Zona Restoration technicians are skilled in asbestos removal, and we encourage you to avoid handling it yourself. Asbestos fibers are incredibly dangerous, and they pose a risk to unprotected individuals.

Zona Restoration technicians remove firmly-bound asbestos carefully. Using disposable personal protective equipment, workers ensure the safe, timely removal of any dangerous materials. Our asbestos removal experts are fully licensed and insured. Asbestos waste is disposed of carefully, and its removal is approved by your local council.

Why Asbestos Remediation and Removal is Important

Even if your asbestos situation isn’t critical, you should still manage it immediately. Your home has neighbors, and eroded materials can leak off from structures if it rains. As a homeowner, it’s your duty to protect yourself, your family, and your neighbors. Asbestos may not pose a threat immediately, but it can become dangerous over time. The last thing we want is a client exposed to a known, cancer causing, material.

Handling an Asbestos Emergency

Due to the nature—and danger—of asbestos, it’s important to handle an asbestos-related incident immediately. If an asbestos incident requires transport and disposal, professional help is needed. Zona Restoration providers Environmental Protection Authority standards closely, making sure your home is secure. We have experience servicing a number of properties, spanning across residential and commercial alike.

During every removal, surrounding land is defended against asbestos pollution. Zona Restoration has years of experience, and we’re a trusted area provider capable of ensuring total protection.

If you suspect the presence of asbestos, call us today. Asbestos shouldn’t be handled alone. Any property damages, even small, should be treated with utmost care. A safe working environment is secure from external factors, and Zona Restoration providers work hard to keep every area secure. Call us today at 480-656-3999 for a free estimate!