Heat, smoke and fire residues can be incredibly damaging to a property. When catastrophe strikes, make sure you’re prepared for the aftermath. Mitigating any loss quickly can prevent further damage. Zona Restoration assists the Phoenix area, providing a wealth of fire damage remediation and removal services to keep you covered.

What are the Damages?

Few homeowners understand the severity of fire and smoke-based damages. If your home has experienced a fire, it might’ve sustained more than flame-based damages. Smoke odor can invade your home’s building materials, carpet and personal belongings. Smoke soot stains and damages walls, too, creating widespread—and long-lasting—damages. As your leading fire damage remediation and removal technicians in Phoenix, we’re ready to cover your losses.

We specialize in soot and smoke damage alike. Whether it’s long-lasting smells, pervasive soot or ruined walls, we’re prepared to assess, treat and restore all surfaces. We’re available 24/7, to serve your property before damages become permanent.

Our Fire Remediation Process

Zona Restoration uses a time-tested-and-true method to neutralize damages and determine the best repair approach method. Because we offer 24/7 services, our team is capable of assisting locations within hours. First, we conduct a damage assessment. We estimate any costs, find hidden factors and root out the best course of action.

Next, our team conducts an emergency board-up procedure. During remediation, your home’s structural stabilization is paramount. At Zona Restoration, every property receives unique services. Before treating your location, we make sure it’s safe for both technicians and owners. Our team utilizes friendly methods to clean away soot, smoke and remaining residue.

We use air purification or ozone treatment to help ensure complete smoke odor removal. Then, we follow with sanitation methods. All household goods are secured, and damaged household goods are protected from further damage. Your personal possessions come first, both before and during the fire remediation process.

Our Removal Process

Understandably, some fire-damaged materials need to be removed. Zona Restoration uses careful, high-accuracy removal methods to make sure all materials are removed with care. By using the industry’s finest industrial-grade dehumidifiers, water extractors and air movers, the team removes any water present from fire extinguishing efforts.

Then, broken wall, floor and ceiling material is extracted. Disinfectants and antimicrobials are sprayed—so as to prevent mold and mildew growth. All affected areas are covered, assuring ease-of-recoverability after removal. As with remediation, removal prioritizes your possessions. No structural component is removed without first securing the area. Zona Restoration technicians maintain specialized training, and each is well-versed in a property’s many structural integrity needs.

Why Us?

Zona Restoration can restore a property to its functional form quickly, safely and effectively. The Phoenix area deserves high-quality services, and we intend to provide them, to each and every customer. With our experience and “customer comes first” attitude, rest assured, that you are in the best possible hands! There is nothing more important to us than another satisfied customer and we will do everything in our power to make that happen

Insurance Assistance

Many fire damage cases involve insurance company claims. Zona Restoration is well-versed in insurance policy claims, disputes and limits. We can work alongside you, making the process as painless as possible. If you’ve experienced fire, smoke or soot damage in your home, don’t hesitate to call us. Simple damages can become long-term problems if left too long.

Remember: We precede every service with a quote. You’re never left without options, and we’re always available to explain the ins and outs of remediation and removal. Again, we’re available 24/7. If you’ve experienced an emergency, or if you’ve been impacted by heavy damages, rely on our honest and integral methods to protect your property. Whether your property has faced a utility problem, a stove fire or even weather-related damages, Zona Restoration can help. All services are as noninvasive as possible, to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment process. Contact us today at 480-656-3999, and ask us for a quote.