Mold can leave a mark. Any business or home can become infested, facing long-term aesthetic and structural damages. If a water source is introduced, you’re at risk. Rainwater, plumbing accidents and roof leaks can result in mold. If the saturated materials aren’t dried quickly, a mold remediation may be needed. Mold repair and restoration in Phoenix is flexible, but costs can vary drastically on a per project basis based upon the individual circumstances and complexity.

Before Mold Treatment: Emergency Actions

The best thing you can do while you’re waiting for a remediation to begin is to close off and isolate the area. Try your best to stay away from the area and close off any doors, windows, or cabinets that could have potential mold growth, until a professional remediation is ready to begin.

Your Safety First – Mold Can Be Dangerous

A word to the wise… Don’t touch the mold, and don’t attempt to remove it yourself. If containment barriers and negative pressure aren’t property utilized mold can end up being spread to other areas, that weren’t initially impacted. This can end up becoming much more costly to repair than to have just hired a licensed mold contractor from the beginning. Our goal is to quickly help diagnose the problem and assist in establishing  the most cost effective project

Mold Repair and Restoration Phoenix

Zona Restoration professionals are dedicated to helping protect your property. Our team responds quickly, lessening the damage before it gets worse. Using cost-reductive practices, Zona Restoration technicians protect a property’s structural integrity while handling any mold situation.

Every technician is highly trained in mold remediation and specialized in water and mold damage removal and restoration. We will help remediate the problem and remove any mold hazard that was present. Alongside our structural drying techniques, our water damage restoration and microbial remediation tactics are guaranteed to clean a property.

We’re here to help, providing safety and security from long-term mold damages. Mold spreads quickly, harming both an environment and its inhabitants. If you think your property is uninhabitable, don’t wait. Contact us today, and get a free mold inspection. Whether you need mold remediation or removal, our technicians can help. No matter how far the mold has spread, our tools and tech-savvy team can handle it. Reduce the threat, and protect your area from further damage. Working alongside your insurance provider, Zona Restoration aims to offer long-lasting, cost-effective solutions capable of sustaining a property for years. Call us today at 480-656-3999.