A home’s floor, carpeting and even foundation can be professionally dried. In the event of flooding, extreme wetness or excessive dampness, an area can be dried quickly and effectively. Water damage is mitigated, and the property is restored to its regular functionality. At Zona Restoration Specialists, our goal is to protect your household while recovering it from recent damages.

Three Types of Structural Drying

Zona Restoration Specialists uses three ways of water removal to serve households: physical extraction, air movement / dehumidification, and demo. Each method is effective and when used in conjunction with one another can provide the fastest possible dry time.

Physical Extraction

Structural drying in Phoenix is accessible with simple, physical extraction. Physical extraction is the quickest way to remove water from an area. The amount of water extracted from a room’s carpet and carpet pad can reduce the amount of time needed to dry the overall structure. The more water is extracted, the quicker the property will dry.

Air Movement and Dehumidification

After the bulk of water has been extracted, the next step is to provide air movement, to assist in evaporating the remaining moisture. Direct air movement, on wet materials, will cause humidity to increase and will be more effective if dehumidifiers can be used at the same time. These machines will limit the amount of humidity that can be created from the air movers.

High-humidity air reaches a point where it can’t hold additional moisture.

Zona Restoration dehumidifiers are incredibly powerful, and they’re capable machines in high-humidity situations. Our technicians utilize moisture detection tools to determine how saturated building materials are. Ideally, the area can be isolated. Then, the equipment will be left in place, running 24/7 to properly dry out the remaining moisture.  Once all areas have been dried the probability of secondary damage, like mold, has been eliminated.

Protect the Valuables

Finally, you should move any exposed furniture away from any water damage situation. Upholstery is incredibly susceptible to water damage, and it’ll absorb any standing water quickly. It is ideal to move this to a dry room or area. If items are too heavy, please, don’t hurt yourself trying. Our water damage techs can help assist when they arrive. We are also able to help block furniture, which allows us to keep it in place and dry around it.

Preparing for Your Structural Drying Team

Call us today, and ask about our emergency services: 480-656-3999. The last thing we want to happen is have your water damage situation get any worse. If you have any questions regarding the process we would be happy to answer them for you. Just let us know what we can do to help dry out your property.