Are Asbestos Testing Kits Worth It?

Now that the dangers of asbestos are well-documented, it’s no longer used in the construction of new buildings or homes. Many people are under the impression that when asbestos became strictly regulated, it was no longer a problem. Unfortunately, that is not entirely true. Not sure what asbestos is? Read this. An asbestos testing kit may seem like an extra step but it may be worth it because it can save your family from serious health problems. This is especially true if you own a home that is older than 10 or 15 years. If you are planning any type of home renovation, you should get an asbestos testing kit to determine if you can safely remove the old materials on your own.   

When You Need An Asbestos Testing Kit

Before the hazards of asbestos use were widely known, it was commonly used in many building materials, including insulation and texture mediums for ceilings and walls. Even though asbestos is no longer considered to be a safe building material, it is still present in older homes. It remains dormant as long as it is undisturbed, but when a homeowner begins to demolish areas when preparing to renovate it can become airborne. Exposure to these tiny airborne particles can lead to a variety of health problems, including lung cancer and other upper respiratory disorders. In order to maintain the safest environment possible, professional asbestos removers must be called in to get rid of the toxic material and clear the home so the renovations can proceed.  

Asbestos Containing Materials

There are several different asbestos-containing materials used in the construction industry. Popcorn ceiling, insulation, and pipe insulation are just a few of the most commonly known building materials that used to contain asbestos. Many homeowners don’t realize that their home even contains asbestos until they are well into the demolition phase of their remodel and begin to have trouble breathing. Visiting a local store like Home Depot can provide them with many of the answers they need. Gift cards or cash can be used to purchase asbestos testing kits that can be sent to a pro lab for analysis.  

What Is Involved In An Approved Laboratory Test Kit?

When you purchase an asbestos test kit, you are trying to find any asbestos contamination in your home. The kits include a sample bag for each type of material. Once you collect the samples and include any lab fees that are required, the materials will be tested and the standard lab results will be sent to you. If you the results of your home test kit are positive, it’s in your best interest to hire a restoration company that specializes in removing asbestos. They can come and clear your home, eliminating any asbestos dust or airborne particles that could cause you or your loved ones harm.   Even small restoration projects, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, can kick up large amounts of asbestos dust if it’s disturbed. An asbestos testing kit is relatively inexpensive when you compare it to the mountain of medical bills you might face if you or a member of your family is exposed to the dangerous particles. If your results come back inconclusive, it may be worth the extra money to have professional restoration company come to your home and perform a test. The kits they use are much more sophisticated and will provide the most accurate results.