Although there are certain areas designated as flood zones, flood damage can happen anywhere, to any property. If you own a residence, you need to understand the risks of spring water and the heavy rains it brings.

The Dangers of Heavy Rain During Spring Weather

Mother Nature unleashes a torrent of heavy rain in the spring. This condition is designed to revive and renew the earth and its living organisms, including people. In Phoenix, especially, rainfall is welcome. However, when lots of rain falls in a very short period of time, it can result in a barrage of water that quickly leads to water damage. It doesn’t take a lot of water to accumulate before damage occurs. For instance, did you know that just one inch of water can cause thousands of dollars in property damage?

How to Prepare for Heavy Rain

There are things you can do to protect your property from the heavy rain you might experience in spring weather. Our expert tips will help to you to protect possessions and valuables, as well as to keep your family safe from flood conditions.

Check Sump Pump Regularly

When working efficiently, sump pumps can drain water from your basement and save your home from flooding damage. Unfortunately, what happens all too often is that homeowners forget about the sump pump until they are direly needed. Since that usually only happens once a year, chances are that the sump pump may not function as expected. To prepare ahead of time for heavy rain in spring weather, check the sump pump several times during the year to ensure that it’s operational before you actually need it.

Turn Off the Electricity

Electricity wall outlets that get submerged below flood water lines pose a grave threat to you and your family. Before the flood water rises that high, turn off the electricity to your home from the main circuit breaker. This will help prevent electrocution and other electrical accidents. If the flood water is already too high to safely turn off the power to your home, do not attempt to do it yourself. Instead, contact a professional.

Have a Contingency Plan for Belongings

It’s heartache to watch your belongings get submerged below flood lines in your home. This frequently happens in the basement, where families may have electronics and other entertainment equipment. When heavy rain threatens to flood your basement, implement your contingency plan. This plan should be worked out well in advance, and should include a way to move your belongings to a higher location in the home. At the very least, set up folding tables in the basement area and move the expensive belongings from the floor to the tabletops.

Have Flood Damage Taken Care of Right Away

Standing water is a danger to your family’s health. Remember that flood water from spring rain comes from the outside. This means that the water likely contains organic pathogens from things like sewage water, that can lead to serious health concerns. Standing flood water may also lead to mold growth, which will affect respiratory health. Don’t make the mistake of waiting passively until the flood water evaporates or drains over a period of days or weeks. Call a flood damage professional in the area, like Zona Restoration, to remedy the situation as soon as possible.