Tips for Snowbirds – An End of Winter Checklist

There are many benefits to spending the winter in Arizona. But when it comes to getting your vacation home ready for your summer escape, it is important to be proactive instead of reactive. Here are a few tips for snowbirds to prevent water damage while they are away for the warm season.

Trim Back Trees

The desert monsoons include notoriously brutal wind, and a fallen tree limb can easily cause roofing damage. In some cases, this damage then leads to flooding on the inside of the home due to the accompanying intense summer rains. Help keep this type of severe issue at bay by trimming back foliage ahead of time or hiring a professional landscaping company to monitor the situation throughout your time away.

Check Doors and Windows

Another important thing to check before you leave is the weather stripping on doors and window. This is vital on numerous levels, too. Pooling from rain can cause interior flooding, which left unattended can create mold issues. Furthermore, these tiny gaps can let in desert pests, such as scorpions and spiders.

Drain the Hot Water Heater

Anytime you are planning to be away from your seasonal home for extended periods of time, it is important to go ahead and drain the hot water heater. This prevents major issues should a leak or other situation occur.

Turn Off Water to the Home

In the same thought, it is also important to go ahead and turn off water to the home at the main shutoff. Why? Imagine having a leaking toilet running for three or four months until it is noticed in the fall. The water damage alone would be catastrophic, not to mention any accompanying mold or mildew problems. Instead, shut it off before you leave and have a trusted neighbor check the residence every few weeks.   The best part of the snowbird lifestyle is the freedom to move about as you please when the weather changes. However, taking a few extra steps ahead of time is an excellent way to prevent flooding and finding potential catastrophic consequences when you return to the Valley in the fall. Dealing with a flood, fire, or another restoration emergency? Contact our knowledgeable Zona Restoration team today for more information.