Why Choose Zona for Complete Mold Removal and Remediation Services

November 7, 2019

No one likes to find the presence of mold in their homes. It can result in unexpected home reconstruction, as well as pose a serious health risk to you and your family. Zona Restoration has been removing mold from homes across the Scottsdale area since 2012. With our honest prices and quality service, we have been able to restore homes to their like-new conditions. When you need reliable mold removal and remediation, choose Zona for a thorough and trustworthy job each and every time. Protect Your Home’s StructureWith any of our mold remediation procedures, we treat your home the same as we would our own. Our team of experts can completely remove all materials infested with mold while keeping the structural integrity of your home intact. If any build back services are needed, we review the complete details of this process with you before any such construction begins.Use Modern Removal TechniquesEradicating … Continued

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Can Black Mold Kill You? Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe

April 1, 2019

Every year, thousands of people are sickened by a hidden hazard lurking in their homes: black mold. While there are many misconceptions floating around the internet about how hazardous this substance actually is, the fact of the matter is that it can still cause serious health consequences. Here are a few tips for keeping your family safe from black mold. Can Black Mold Kill You? What You Need to Know In small amounts, toxic black mold (stachybotrys chrtarum) isn’t dangerous. However, it can easily adhere to surfaces in your home, like carpet and drywall, and release spores into the air. These spores can then create health issues with consequences ranging from a mild allergy to significant illness. Typical health issues associated with mold in your home include shortness of breath, runny nose, allergies, and more. Those with a weakened immune system—such as infants and seniors—might experience much more serious effects. … Continued

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Mold – A Beginner’s Guide

June 29, 2018

What You Need to Know About Mold Mold can be a problem in your home, even though you might not be able to see it or smell it. Mold and mildew infestation is common in hot, humid climates. The various microscopic organisms can grow even in the desert Southwest. Unfortunately, it may cause allergic reactions, respiratory infections and affecting indoor air quality. Here’s what you need to know about mold.   Why it Matters Heat, humidity and moist surroundings are the primary catalysts for mold growth, and a leaky shower pan or a chronic plumbing drip should always be cause for concern. Laundry rooms and under-sink cabinets harbor the spores. Mold can take hold even on the exterior foundation of a home, on wooden decks and fences, and on concrete or stone wherever there is a drainage problem or a consistently dark, moist area. But it’s the unseen mold that … Continued

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Where There is Moisture, There is Mold

February 15, 2018

If you’ve faced water damage in your home or have a wet environment, it’s reasonable to wonder whether there’s mold lurking somewhere in the house. You may even smell the odor of mold, experience symptoms of mold allergies or notice signs of mold growth. At Zona Restoration, we generally tend to advise people that where there is moisture, there is mold. Mold can affect the materials within your home and cause health effects like a stuffy nose or coughing in some people. By taking certain steps, you can reduce and combat household mold. What Causes Mold? Mold spores commonly float in the air, but they need specific conditions to settle and grow. These include the right temperatures, moisture and a food source. Mold grows when the temperature of an environment falls in the range of 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It also needs moisture to encourage its growth. Finally, the … Continued

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Health Risk in Hiding: Can Mold Make You Sick?

January 12, 2018

Mold is a type of fungus that can be found both indoors and outdoors. Nearly all homes and buildings have small amounts of mold and mold spores circulating through the air; the problem occurs when mold spores are present indoors and in large enough amounts to have an impact on your health. By understanding the potential health risks of mold and knowing how to react to a mold problem in your home, you can protect yourself and the loved ones living under your roof. Can Mold Make You Sick? Yes, exposure to mold can make you very sick indeed. The damage occurs when you inhale mold spores that are present in the air. Some people will be more affected by mold than others. For example, those with respiratory conditions such as asthma or an allergy to mold can experience more serious health consequences than those who are otherwise healthy. However, … Continued

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Common Places to Find Asbestos in Your Home

December 4, 2017

Statistically, asbestos hides in roughly half of all homes. If disturbed, it can be deadly. So, where can you find asbestos in a house? Well, the answer isn’t exactly clean-cut. This dangerous mold can exist in a wealth of areas, and asbestos exposure isn’t readily noticeable. Asbestos in Homes Asbestos has been utilized by our industrialized world since the mid-19th century. In 1989, it was banned. Among private homes, however, asbestos-containing materials still exist. While alarming, the asbestos presence isn’t as bad as it seems. It’s dangerous if it’s released into the air, but it can also remain “dormant” throughout a home’s lifetime. When inhaled, however, asbestos can be incredibly deadly. Asbestos can result in lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. If asbestos is enclosed, left undisturbed and is routinely checked for deterioration, however, it won’t cause any problems. Where Can You Find Asbestos in a House? Asbestos can be hard … Continued

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Bathroom Mold Removal: Tips on Getting Rid of Mold For Good

August 10, 2017

Bathroom mold is not something that anyone should have to deal with. Unfortunately, the bathroom is one of the wettest rooms in the home and therefore the most common to have mold issues. Since our bathrooms are so susceptible to mold, it is helpful to learn how to appropriately tackle this pesky little problem before it becomes a major health issue or truly damages your home. Bathroom Mold Removal, Can it Be Done Alone? No one wants to deal with mold it is as simple as that. In most cases however homeowners or home residents are going to run into at least some sort of mold during their time in residence even if it is just a small smear on the underside of the toilet tank. There are some ways that you can get rid of mold for good however. The first is to gauge the infestation. If you have … Continued

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What is Asbestos: Types and Risks

July 27, 2017

Asbestos is the common name for six naturally occurring minerals. Asbestos fibers are microscopic and are very durable and resistant to fire and many chemical reactions. It doesn’t break down as quickly as other materials, making it an ideal building material. Asbestos can be found in roofing shingles, floor tiles, ceilings, cements compounds, as well as many textile products and car parts. Types of Asbestos Again, there are six minerals all referred to as asbestos. Chrysotile is the most common form of asbestos and is mostly found floors, walls, ceilings, and roofs. It was also used in the brake lining, gaskets, and boilers seals of cars. Amosite was mostly used in sheets of cements and to insulate pipes. It can also be found prevalently in insulating boards and some ceiling tiles. Crocidolite, also known as blue asbestos, is the least resistant to heat and was used mostly to insulate steam … Continued

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4 Ways to Clean Mold from Carpet

April 27, 2017

Wondering how to clean mold in your carpet? Mold is never a welcome sight inside your home, especially when it settles into high traffic areas such as your carpet. Carpet mold can be very difficult to remove in many cases and it’s best to clean it as soon as possible before it becomes a health hazard. You should always call a mold remediation specialist when dealing with mold, as there can be many hidden dangers that your eye can’t always see. With that said, there are ways to safely and naturally remove certain cases of mold from carpet without using harsh chemicals or spending a fortune. Before we start, you must always properly protect yourself. Mold has many health hazards and can cause bad irritations to your eyes, throat, nose, and other allergic reactions. When removing mold in your carpet, wear protective gloves, mask, and goggles to protect your vulnerable … Continued

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