Services to Repair and Restore Your Home from Water Damage

September 17, 2019

Water damage can mean serious trouble for any structure. But it’s especially troubling when water damage affects your home where you and your family spend a great deal of time. Water damage can seriously degrade the resale value of your home, and cause health hazards. Fortunately, there are numerous time tested and advanced ways of removing excess water, mitigating harm, and repairing the damage.Services to Repair and Restore Your Home from Water DamageHere are some of the most frequently used services we employ to help you deal with water damage.Water ExtractionEven under the cleanest conditions, water contamination can destroy dry wall, cause serious electrical hazards, attract insect and animal infestations, and cause mold. To stop these forms of damage from beginning and growing worse, the water must be removed. Our specialized processes enable our teams to detect the presence of water within structures. From that point, powerful submersible water pumps … Continued

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What to Do and Not to Do During an Emergency Water Leak

August 15, 2019

The Dos and Don’ts of Handling an Emergency Water LeakYou come home one day or wake up and find a puddle on the floor coming from a wall. Or, you see dark splotches or bubbling of the interior paint occurring, like an orange peel skin. When you get closer, you might hear a dripping sound or a hiss. These are all signs of an unexpected water leak in your house.What to Do During an Emergency Water LeakThe first thing you want to do is to turn off the main water supply to your house if doable (i.e., nothing life supporting is connected) and release the water pressure in the house pipes by fully opening and running the faucet into the kitchen sink or bathroom sink. Once the water flow dies off and turns to a trickle, you may notice the hissing sound or dripping near the potential leak has subsided.Second, … Continued

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Water Leaks and the Dangers They Pose to Slab Homes

August 1, 2019

The vast majority of homes in the Phoenix area are constructed on a concrete slab. A water leak under the house, especially one that goes untreated for a long time, has the potential to cause enormous damage to this sort of home. With the upcoming monsoon season, it’s important to check your home for a potential leak. Follow our helpful tips to check your home or give us a call if you’re unsure of a problem. Detecting Water Leaks in a Slab Home First Step to Detecting Water Leaks: Turn off All Water The first and most important step is to test the house. Turn off all the water, making sure that all taps are firmly closed. Then check the water meter and make certain that it isn’t moving. A moving water meter when there is no water use in the house is a sure sign of a leak. However, … Continued

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