6 Ways We Rid Your Home of Extensive Water Damage

March 25, 2020

When your home experiences severe water damage, whether due to a flood or a burst pipe, you need a professional and honest company to handle it quickly and efficiently. Zona Restoration utilizes a thorough process to completely rid your home of all signs of water damage. We accomplish this by following the six steps described below.1. Leak DetectionWe use a variety of methods to detect water leaks within your home. From visual inspections to the use of specialized tools, we’ll find the source of your home’s water damage by locating where it began in the first place.2. Moisture MonitoringOnce the leaks are located and repaired, we then monitor the moisture in the air. If the moisture is increasing rather than decreasing, this most likely means there are other sources of water damage.3. Temperature and Humidity ReadingsAlong with monitoring moisture in the air, we also use other readings, like temperature and … Continued

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4 Reasons to Choose Zona for Whole Home Restoration Services

February 6, 2020

When disaster strikes your home, your mind is reeling a million miles a minute. You don’t want to think about making phone calls or setting appointments when you need to be caring for your home and your family. Zona Restoration can take care of everything for you. Our priority is to have you back in your newly restored home as soon as possible.

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3 FAQs Regarding Our Expert Water Damage Cleanup Services

January 18, 2020

When a water catastrophe hits, there’s usually no time to waste in seeking the best help available for your emergency situation. You want to be sure the professional restoration company you select can efficiently locate the water damage and expertly repair it as soon as possible. Since 2012, Zona Restoration has been doing just that – providing professional water damage restoration services in the Phoenix area. Learn more about our comprehensive water cleanup process below.

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How to Find a Water Leak in Your House

December 1, 2018

How to Find a Water Leak in Your House Do you suspect a water leak in your house? As you may know, water leaks pose a serious threat to your home and your family’s health. Left untreated, a water leak can lead to mold growth, wood rot and airborne particles that can precipitate asthma symptoms. Here’s how to find a water leak in your house depending on where you find moisture.   Stained or Dripping Ceiling If you notice a darkened patch on your ceiling or if you detect actual dripping, you know that the water leak in your house is coming from above the ceiling. What many homeowners assume incorrectly though, is that the roof must be leaking. This may not necessarily be true. A ceiling leak can also be caused by water pipe condensation or a busted or leaky plumbing pipe. Sometimes it may even be caused by … Continued

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Water Damage? Start Here

September 1, 2018

The Truth about Water Damage Water damage is something that can happen in any home. It can come from a broken pipe, a serious storm or even a fire. There is more to water damage than what you see on the surface, though. Consider some facts about water damage that you might not know.   What is Water Damage? The name seems pretty self-explanatory but it can be more extensive than you imagine. Water damage can be sudden like a burst water pipe or it can be slow like one that just leaks a little bit at a time. Fast or slow it causes significant damage to your property by soaking construction material, rotting wood and warping floors. Water damage is different than other kinds of property damage, too, because it can be lasting and hard to spot. Something like a fire in the kitchen creates charred areas that you … Continued

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