Cleaning Up Smoke Damage, Professionals vs At Home Methods

After a fire one of the most common issues that people deal with is smoke damage and the pervasive smell of smoke in their clothes, their belongings, and even in the house itself. Using home remedies like vinegar to remove smoke odor may work on a small scale, but when it comes to cleaning the entire home of a smoke smell, a professional company is going to be the best bet.

Using Vinegar to Remove Smoke Odor

White vinegar is a great way to clean smoke damaged clothes and to get rid of the odor without your having to throw them out. You can add vinegar to your wash and it will help neutralize odor. Vinegar can also be used to wipe down surfaces and neutralize the smell of smoke on hard surfaces. Another way to use it is to leave a cup full of vinegar on the counter to help absorb the smoke smell and help remove it from the air. Lastly, you can also add vinegar to just about any cleaning solution to boost its ability to remove the smoke smell and get your home back to smelling good.

The downside to relying on home remedies for smoke odor removal

Things like vinegar are great for neutralizing smoke smell but they may not be strong enough to completely remove the smell of smoke after a fire. You can do some cleaning yourself but for any damage that is very extensive, a professional company is going to be far more efficient at cleaning up smoke smell. In most cases, treating only affected areas that came in contact with the fire or directly with smoke is not enough. Many times, smoke travels to other rooms, to other stories in the home, and into all your belongings.

How Restoration Companies Remove Smoke Smell

The first way that a restoration company is going to remove the smoke smell is with deep cleaning. Cleaning rugs, carpets, walls, window coverings or any other surface that might hold onto the smoke smell is the best way to get rid of the bulk of your smoke issue. Doing things like wiping down all the surfaces in the area, shampooing carpets and rugs, removing and replacing curtains, and deep cleaning furniture can remove a great deal of the smoke smell. For things that are harder to clean like the drywall in a home or the ceiling, professional companies can use machines called an ozone generator that works to neutralize the air and remove the smoke smell that is left. This will help take the smell of smoke out of the harder to clean areas of the home and will help you start to feel like your home is back to normal. Professional companies also know what types of cleaners work best for the smell of smoke. Baking soda is a great way to neutralize smoke smell and may be a great way to help clean carpets. If you have a great deal of smoke damage it is always best to hire a professional company to get your home back to normal. For those that are dealing with extensive smoke damage, a professional company like Zona Restoration can help you get your home smelling great again and get rid of smells that are the result of smoke damage. Contact us today for a free estimate.