While asbestos is rarely used in construction or housing materials anymore, it can still be found in older homes throughout the Phoenix area. If you do happen to discover asbestos in your home, you need to treat it as the damaging and harmful substance it is. At Zona Restoration, we understand how this dangerous element works. We recommend following these three steps when you find asbestos in your Phoenix home.

What Should I Do If I Find Asbestos in My Home?

Do Nothing

If you discover that your home contains asbestos and the asbestos-containing materials are confined, the best thing to do is nothing. As long as the construction materials remain undisturbed, the asbestos will do you no harm. The only time asbestos becomes harmful is when its fibers are released into the air due to the disturbance of the housing materials.   

Confine the Materials

When any asbestos-containing materials are displaced, due to repairs or damage to the home, you need to immediately remove yourself from the area. If the asbestos is found in a separate room of the house, simply close the door and keep it closed until you contact an asbestos removal professional. If the asbestos is found in an open area such as the kitchen or living room, you cannot enter those rooms whatsoever. In fact, you may need to stay with friends, relatives, or at a hotel until the asbestos is removed safely.

Hire a Professional

Call a professional asbestos abatement company, like Zona Restoration, for expert asbestos removal. This harmful substance requires specialized training in order to be extracted securely. Be sure to hire a certified asbestos removal service, as they have the correct supplies, tools, and equipment to safely remove all asbestos from your home.

Trust the Professionals at Zona

Don’t wait when you discover asbestos in your home. You must take immediate action in order to keep both your family and your home safe. Call Zona Restoration at (480) 656-3999 to request a free estimate of our professional asbestos abatement and removal service. Ask about our other home services as well, such as fire and smoke restoration, mold inspections, lead testing and removal, and professional duct cleaning.

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