What Type of Restorative Services are Involved in Cleaning Up Fire Damage?

After a fire, odds are your head is reeling and you really are not sure what direction to go in. That being said, the first step you should take is finding a reliable fire restoration contractor. Contractors are not only going to have the tools needed for restoration and recovery, but they are also going to have know-how and experience that you may not have yourself. Your fire restoration contractors will be able to help you determine what steps to take next and what services you may need to recover.

Types of Restoration You Might Need After a Fire

Fire Damage

The first type of damage you will likely face is the fire damage itself. In most cases, items that are severely damaged by fire are better thrown out and replaced than trying to salvage them. A good repair company will take the time to not only look at the superficial damages that occurred but also at any structural issues that may have occurred as well. They will look at things like the floors, joists that hold the walls and roof up, they may check insulation and other areas as well. It is important to note that checking the home for structural damage is one of the first things that will be done to ensure it is safe for crews to work inside the home.

Smoke Damage

A restoration company may also help you mitigate smoke damage with the use of an ozone machine or other machines to help remove the smell of smoke from the home. Smoke damage is difficult to repair and drywall, carpets, and other fabric surfaces may need to be removed or replaced to help rid the home of the smell of smoke. Aside from obvious damage from the fire and the smoke, you may also have water damage to deal with.

Water Damage

When a home is on fire the fire department will use water to suppress the flames resulting in a home that could end up having mold if the water is not dried up completely. You could also be dealing with water damage to walls and floors, and belongings. It is always best to get a professional company to help with any major restoration as a means of getting the job done right the first time. Water that is left in a home after a fire can lead to mold that can cause health issues and smoke residue that is left can also cause breathing issues. Structural damage that is not repaired can lead to a collapse or severe damage as well.   Cleaning up after a fire is a harrowing experience. Things you once treasured and loved can be destroyed in seconds and a great clean-up team can make a world of difference when it comes to the entire process. Knowing what fire restoration contractors do each day and on each job may make your decision to hire one a bit simpler. For those that are dealing with restoration issues, Zona Restoration can help you on your path to getting your life back to normal after a fire.