Destructive storms, catastrophic floods, heavy rains, and devastating fires can cause all kinds of damage to your Mesa area home. Often, if it doesn’t look like the roof has sustained any damage, homeowners assume it has been untouched by these storms. As professional restoration contractors, Zona Restoration knows that your roof can undergo serious destruction, even if it looks like it’s still intact. If your home has experienced any of the following events, it’s always a good idea to have an inspection conducted. If the damage is not caught in time, it can create further problems for you in the future.

When Do I Need Roof Restoration Services?

Storm Damage

Hurricane force winds, destructive hail, and other severe weather can cause quite a bit of damage, both visible and unseen, to the roof. Hail can tear holes, both large and small, through shingles, and powerful winds can rip entire shingles off your roof. These dangerous winds can also cause large tree branches or entire trees to come down on your home. 

Flood & Rain Damage

Severe rain and heavy floods are also known to create vast amounts of damage to homes in the Mesa area. The extensive amount of water from rains and floods can cause leaks in the roof that may not be visible to the naked eye. If these leaks are not fixed in the appropriate amount of time, the water damage will extend to other areas of your home, such as the floor, walls, and foundation.

Fire Damage

A house fire can most definitely cause all kinds of destruction to the roof of your home. Even if the fire doesn’t directly touch the roof, the heat from the fire can still compromise the integrity of the roofing materials. Hidden damage from smoke needs to be addressed by professionals, as it can continue to cause damage to your home – including the roof – if not taken care of properly.

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