Water damage in your home or office can be completely devastating. However, there may be situations where the water damage seems minimal to the untrained eye, leaving property owners to shrug it off and skip a call to the professionals. In many cases, property owners believe that the only reasons to call a restoration company are after a fire, major storm or other significant damages. In reality, it is always a good idea to contact your local restoration experts, even in instances where the damage seems minimal.

When Should I Contact My Local Restoration Company?

There are a wide range of potentially hazardous situations that may require the help of your trusted restoration team. From obvious disasters like a burst pipe or flood damage to preparing to put your home on the market and other preventative measures. Unsure if it’s the right time to make a call? Check out some of the most common scenarios where it’s appropriate to reach out for help from a professional restoration company below.

After Buying a New Home

While new homeowners do their best to check for any major issues before making an offer and closing on a new home, only time will help you to catch certain problems. If you’ve started to notice that something is off in your new home, like a musky smell or some outdated carpeting – it may be time to give your restoration company a call. At Zona Restoration, we can inspect any concerning areas in your new home and work to rule out water, mold, and weather damage.

After a Major Storm

Inclement weather can result in a host of different issues for property owners. Whether you are left to deal with the after-effects of flooding or a particularly nasty storm, calling your restoration company as soon as possible is important. Even if you have only been able to identify small leaks if left untreated smaller issues can grow into much bigger problems. Particularly, mold is a huge concern after water damage has been found in the home or another building.

Whenever You Notice A Problem

While this one may seem like simple common sense, people often think that they can DIY a minor damage issue and usually end up in a lot of trouble. Unless you are a licensed professional, do the safe thing and call a restoration company. Our skilled and knowledgeable team is more than happy to come to you and inspect any issues that you’ve found. Once we understand the problem, we will create a plan of action and are happy to work around your schedule to ensure your safety. No problem is too big or too small, so play it safe and leave the restoration work to the professionals.

Call Zona Restoration Today

When you find damages on your property that range from big to small and everything in between, don’t hesitate to give our experienced technicians at Zona Restoration a call. With many years of combined experience and a thorough knowledge of proper safety standards, we offer property owners the best 24/7 emergency services. Keep your home and family safe from potentially dangerous situations with the help of our highly-skilled team. For more information about our restoration services or to schedule a consultation call (480) 656-3999 or visit us online today.