Asbestos is a very dangerous substance that was used in creating building and construction materials prior to 1980. If you have an older home, your family could be at risk of exposure to this hazardous element. By hiring Zona Restoration, any asbestos found in your Chandler area home will be handled according to proper health and safety regulations. Keep reading to learn more about our professional asbestos practices.

Why Should a Professional Test Your Home for Asbestos?

We Handle Asbestos Safely

If not handled properly, asbestos can become airborne. This causes much greater risk to those removing it, or those living in a home with asbestos. Once ingested, asbestos fibers become lodged in the lining of the lungs, abdomen, or heart, causing diseases like mesothelioma or lung cancer. A professional asbestos inspection company has been trained and certified in how to handle this substance safely, so it will no longer pose a threat to your family.

We Can Identify Asbestos-Containing Materials

Asbestos was used to make siding, roofing materials, wiring, concrete, ceiling tiles, vinyl floor tiles, and many other building and construction items. It was a popular choice due to its fire-resistant qualities. Asbestos fibers are invisible and can be difficult to identify. Our team of experts knows what type of materials may contain asbestos, and how to properly extract samples without causing harm to your family.

We Can Properly Inspect & Test for Asbestos

If you are suspicious that your home or commercial building contains asbestos, you should not disturb the area. When possible, you should avoid it completely. A licensed and certified professional can do a visual inspection, and safely remove a sample so it can be tested in a third-party lab. If the sample contains asbestos, we can also professionally and securely remove all of the asbestos-containing material. With our safe asbestos abatement and removal procedures, your home will be asbestos-free, making your family safe, once again.

Serving Chandler Since 2012

Zona Restoration is known for its honest prices and quality service. Whether you need asbestos removal, fire and smoke damage restoration, mold inspections, or lead testing, your home is in safe hands with our expert team. Request a free estimate today by calling (480) 656-3999.

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