When you’ve had extensive damage to your home’s plumbing systems, don’t try to take care of these repairs on your own. Let the plumbing technicians at Zona Restoration help! We are highly experienced in all types of home remodeling services including home plumbing repairs. While our skillset is not limited to the renovations listed below, our team can safely and effectively make your home like new again with these home plumbing improvements.

Let Our Experts Take Care of These 3 Home Plumbing Repairs

1. Install Faucets and Sinks

Has a mold infestation been discovered around your kitchen or bathroom sink? In cases like these, many times the sink hardware needs to be completely removed in order to successfully remediate the mold problem. Once our team has removed the mold from your kitchen or bathroom, we can certainly install a new faucet or sink for you as well.

2. Repair Showers

If your bathroom pipes have sprung a leak and need to be fixed immediately, call on the team at Zona. We have years of experience working with indoor plumbing fixtures. Once we’ve remedied the problem, we can also re-tile, repair, and paint your wall or floor. We don’t just fix a problem, we completely restore it.

3. Repair and Install Water Heaters 

When a water heater decides it’s done working, this can cause major havoc on your home. Not only can it flood your basement, bathroom, hallway, or wherever the water heater is located, but it can also cause other damage such as mold growth or structural damage. Our plumbing technicians can fix a broken water heater or install a new one, and also repair the surrounding area that was destroyed, including cabinetry, tile, and flooring.

Full-Service Plumbing Renovations

We are proud to offer quality plumbing restoration services throughout Gilbert, AZ, and the surrounding areas. If you’re in need of expert plumbing repairs or installations, call us today at (480) 656-3999 to request a free estimate. We also provide several other professional home restoration services, including fire damage clean-up, water extraction, asbestos inspection and testing, and ozone treatment and odor removal.